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Flood Victims Benefit Donation
Art Auction Page

The Odeon Theater is sponsoring an Art Auction to benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey. Each artist has generously donated one of their creations that you can place a bid on. Some have minimum bids listed. Many of these items will also be on display at the Odeon Theater during the Benefit Concert (see below) and will receive bids there. The bidding will continue until September 15th at noon. The highest bidder receives the artwork. All donations are 100% tax deductible. All funds received will go to charities offering immediate assistance to the hurricane victims. Thank you for your help with these humanitarian efforts.

You may bid on as many items as you wish. Click on the email address below the item and send your bid amount along with the name of the artist. Don't forget to "Refresh" your browser to get the latest updates on this web page.

UPDATE: The auction items are now being displayed locally at Mason Bank, on the square in Mason, TX.

"Love Is Eternal"

Acrylic painting by Bill Worrell.

20" x 24"

Ready for hanging or can be framed.

Minimum bid $900.00

Current high bid: $1000.00

Hand-painted shirt by Bill Worrell

Size: Men's large

Minimum bid $800.00


Fine Art Wood Marquetry Wall Piece by Spider Johnson & Lora Hunt

18" x 24"

Framed & ready to hang

Minimum bid $800.00


Oil painting near Albuquerque by Laura Lewis

8.5" x 14" Painting size

Minimum bid $350.00

Current high bid: $350.00

"Cowboy Bob"

Sample Pastel Portrait by Lily Beard

12" x 16"

Minimum bid $500.00

Current high bid: $500.00

(This is a sample of a custom portrait she will create for the winning bidder)

"Roadside Persimmon"

Oil Painting by Cathie Tyler

11" x 14" Canvas size

Minimum bid: $250.00

Current high bid: $300.00

Reticulated Abstract Nugget Necklace

By Nan Loeffler

2.62 Sterling Silver

Minimum bid $80.00

Current high bid: $80.00


Acrylic Paintng by Kyle Martin

20" x 30"

Minimum bid $300.00

Current high bid: $345.00

Lamplight Design Graeber Distressed Gold Sconce

from Kay Evans

Minmum bid $450.00

"Texas Bluegill"

Acrylic on Tileboard

12" x 18"

Minimum bid $125.00

Current high bid: $350.00

"Olga Inevitably Overcomes"

Ceramic Sculpture by Gayle Sterling

20" x 10" x 11"

Minimum bid $295.00

Current high bid: $400.00

Pearl Necklace & Earrings

by Toni Hurlbut

Minimum bid $40.00

Current high bid: $100.00

Silk and Cashmere Scarf

from Lisa Polk

Minimum bid $35.00

Current high bid: $75.00


Painting by Kendall Rabon

Minimum bid $300.00

Current high bid: $500.00



The Odeon Theater fulfilling its original mission of becoming a Performing Arts Center. As a 501(c)-3 non-profit organization, all donations are 100% tax-deductible. For more info, email here.









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